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How different countries decorate

March 19, 2019


A recent scientific study of over 50,000 photos of living rooms in properties advertised for rent on Airbnb has founded that despite globalisation and the ease of being able to buy the same stool in Toronto and Brisbane, countries still have their very own sense of style, especially in living areas. Homes with lots of […]

Hiring the wrong agent

March 14, 2019


The most common and most dangerous way to hire an agent is based on an estimated sale price and the agent’s fee. This rarely works out well. Owners basing their decision on these two factors alone are more likely to fall victim to an inflated price estimate. The agent gives little thought to achieving the […]

Things to do in and around Brisbane on a rainy day

March 12, 2019


A rainy, miserable day eliminates the beach, an outdoor hike or a picnic in the park, unless if you really don’t mind doing things in the rain or hail and with little shine. There is a myriad of things to do in and around Brisbane. Some options may be more expensive than Netflix-ing and downing […]

Creating a pet-friendly yard

March 7, 2019


If you have kids, ensuring the yard is child-safe is usually a very high priority, from a pool fence around the pool, to making sure that there are no toxic plants or shrubs that are going to cause irritable skin rashes. The same goes for pets. Creating a safe but fun environment for your furry […]

Brisbane 1980's houses - why they are back in trend

March 5, 2019

buying renovating

Brisbane’s architecture has done a full 360° over the past 100 years. It used to be timber and tin cottages, which transitioned to Victorian-era Queenslanders, to the brick of the 1970’s, now to the modern masterpieces of today. The 1982 Commonwealth Games and Expo 88 provided a forefront for Brisbane to embrace change, but nothing […]

The importance of selecting a smart agent

February 28, 2019


Agent selection is a key factor in making smart selling decisions. Your agent will decide – or at least guide – price, method of sale, use of advertising media and marketing. Hiring the right agent to sell your property is crucial. Hiring the wrong agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. Take […]

Would you move back home for long-term financial gain?

February 26, 2019

buying saving

The idea of moving back home to save money is like facing Boxing Day Sales – economical but stressful. For some, circumstances don’t allow it. If you could move back home for a temporary period of time for long-term financial gain, would you do it? Although potentially restrictive in some senses, moving back home is […]

Indoor plants to liven your home

February 22, 2019


Cleaner air, a creative flair, there is no denying that the popularity of indoor plants has soared over the years. Here are some indoor plants that will add a touch of greenery to your abode and give it a fresh summer feel all year round. Spathiphyllum or “Peace Lily” These have long been a popular […]

11 tips to make moving day stress-free

February 20, 2019


If you’re enthusiastic about moving day, you represent a minority of the population. Even if you’re upgrading from an old to new home, small to big, many days will be spent packing up your belongings and setting up in your new home. Here are some tips to ensure that moving is as stress and hassle […]

What is your property personality?

February 18, 2019


According to psychologist Meredith Fuller, our personalities have a profound influence on our choice of home. Fuller explains that buyers fall into two basic types. The first is the more intuitive, feeling type. These people will walk into a home and know whether it’s right. They’ll know whether it’s right based on a feeling of […]

Home Loans May Become Easier

February 14, 2019


One of the big four banks has hinted that getting a home loan may become a little easier following the banking Royal Commission. ANZ’s head of Australian Economics David Plank says that, in terms of policy, most of the credit tightening measures are already in the system. “The Royal Commission report doesn’t point to any […]

Home-valuing websites have the science, but not the art

February 13, 2019


A plethora of websites and home-valuing apps have popped up in recent times offering free valuations. Typically, there are two types of valuations offered online: the automatic algorithm or the referral to a real estate agent (some offer both). All major, and many smaller, real estate websites use an algorithm to initially price a property. […]

The Royal Commission: will overhauling mortgage brokers give even more power to the big banks?

February 8, 2019


Following on from our recent article ‘How will the Royal Commission impact you…if you want to buy a house?’, Australia’s mortgage broking industry has criticised the Banking Royal Commission report, saying a move to overhaul how brokers are paid will make loans more expensive by entrenching the power of major lenders. The Finance Brokers Association […]

Most searched keywords of 2018

February 6, 2019


realestate.com.au revealed their most searched real estate words on their website in 2018. Some of these words won’t come as a surprise, as they are characteristics that strongly appeal to buyers. Pool Having a pool is very, very cool in Australia. ‘Pool’ was the most typed-in keyword in 2018 during realestate.con.au property searches. Although the […]

How will the Royal Commission impact you...if you want to buy a house?

February 5, 2019

buying economy

68 days’ worth of evidence and upwards of 10,000 public submissions, the final report of the Royal Commission into the financial sector was released on Monday. The highest form of inquiry into matters of public importance, the Royal Commission’s aim was to expose wrong-doing and dubious practice in banks, insurance and superannuation companies. Commissioner Kenneth […]

Brisbane's bright future

February 5, 2019


By 2031 Brisbane will be classed as a major international city, with an additional 662,000 residing in Brisbane. Brisbane is in a position to claim the title of the most family-friendly capital city in Australia, with family households growing quicker in Brisbane than the rest of the country. A decentralisation of employment outside of the […]

The first rule of successful investing is "Stop Reading Newspapers!"

December 6, 2018

buying investing selling

A live interview I did with Channel 7’s “Sunrise” began with this: “Finance expert Noel Whittaker says if you want to invest in property, you should stop reading newspaper headlines – would you agree with that?” That was the perfect entrée for me to discuss media misinformation. I often tell people the first rule of […]

The importance of full disclosure

November 29, 2018


An agent that lies for you in order to achieve a sale, is certain to be an agent that also lies to you. These types of agents are not selectively unethical. It has been reported this week that a New Zealand based real estate agent has been fined $35,000 for lying to a prospective buyer […]

Selling an investment property

November 22, 2018

investing selling

Investment properties are generally sold in one of two ways: as a voluntary sale or as a forced sale. A voluntary sale If you’re considering selling your investment property, it is worth calculating the cost of keeping it. Lay out all monthly and quarterly outgoings – with interest payments, rates, body corporate, and agent’s fees […]

Tips for first-time property investors

November 22, 2018

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Many people assume property investors are rich and carefree. This is far from true, especially for the first-time investor. First time investors are simply everyday people striving to create a better future for themselves and their families. They aim to buy property, rent it out in the hope that one day, with smart management and […]